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Caring Aviston Nursing Home

Aviston Countryside Manor is a skilled nursing community with both long-term and short-term care programs.  We value every resident and want to know each person’s likes, dislikes, needs, and wishes so we can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our residents.


Aviston is owned and operated by the family owned business Palladian Management. From the beginning, the Palladian family has emphasized care for the individual resident, believing person-centered care will result in happier residents and a higher level of job satisfaction for our staff. We do our best to ensure our residents are nurtured, respected, and engaged in making decisions about their daily activities and health care.


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About Aviston Countryside Manor

Aviston Countryside Manor Services

Aviston Countryside Manor provides the highest standard of professional nursing care in a clean, comfortable, and pleasant environment. When you make Aviston your new home, whether short-term or long-term, you can be sure your daily living needs and specialized healthcare requirements will be met with compassion and respect.

Aviston Highly Trained Staff
Aviston Elderly Activities
Aviston Nursing Home Amenities

Nursing Care

To meet your health care needs, our licensed nursing staff carefully follow your doctor’s instructions and can administer prescribed medication as needed.

Daily Living

Our residents enjoy fully furnished rooms that can be decorated to the preferences of each individual. We encourage family pictures, artwork, and special items that will make your room feel like home.


Our dining room has an attractive setting and includes china and linens to enhance the atmosphere. We offer extended hours for all meals, and breakfast is made to order right off our menu. Courteous staff serves meals tableside, but if a resident is unable to join us in the dining room, room service is also available.

For a healthy lifestyle, a well prepared and balanced meal is important. Our registered dietitians are trained to consider specific diets, nutritional value, and personal preferences, and our menu is based on the seasons to offer a wide variety of distinctive meals.


Our Activity Director is specially trained to understand the subtle limits of age and each individual’s physical condition. We have a full calendar of daily recreational activities designed to meet our residents’ interests and special talents or skills. We also plan special events to celebrate birthdays, milestones, and holidays. Recreation activities include:

Euchre Card Party

Dining In / Out to Lunch

Odds or Evens

Prize Poker

Penny Ante

Gentleman's Club


Night Time Trivia



And much more!

Additional Amenities

We emphasize a progressive rehabilitation approach to care, and many of our residents come to our community on a short-term basis as they recover from hospital procedures or surgery.  This program helps our residents quickly regain as much mobility and independence as possible so they can return to their own homes as soon as they are ready. Residents at Aviston Countryside Manor also have access to the following services for an additional fee.

Elegant Private Rooms

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Barber and Beauty Shop

Special Nursing Supplies

Prescription Feeding

IV Therapy




Brian Koontz, Aviston Administrator

Meet Aviston Administrator Brian Koontz

Aviston Administrator Brian Koontz holds a master’s degree in Gerontology, and began his Healthcare career as a Geriatric Social Worker. Brian has been an Administrator for more than 12 years and is proud to lead an exceptional team at Aviston Countryside Manor. His goal is to provide the best of care with kindness, compassion and dignity, while having a little bit of fun along the way. Brian is married and has three amazing children. He likes to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.

Caring Aviston Nursing Home

Personalized Services and Care

Residents come to Aviston for a variety of reasons, and we are happy to provide personalized attention to meet individual needs.  Our Short Stay Program offers post-operative and rehabilitation care until residents are ready to return to their own homes.  Our highly qualified skilled nursing care provides around the clock guidance with the ability to administer advanced medication and specialized therapies for those requiring a higher level of care.  We also welcome residents who may not need all of the skilled nursing services we provide, but prefer the security and peace of mind our community offers.

nursing home caring staff

Becoming Family

Throughout our lifetime, countless people touch our lives.  Many of them enrich us with their friendship, and we are more blessed when those special people become close enough to be considered members of our family.  For more than 25 years, Aviston Countryside Manor has been blessed with a large family, one that cherishes every resident who calls Aviston home.  In our warm and home-like atmosphere, we build and nurture relationships so residents know they truly belong to our family.

Aviston Highly Trained Staff

Highly Trained Staff

We take pride in the high level of education, training, and experience our staff members have obtained in their specific careers. But it is their level of dedication to our residents that qualifies them to be members of our family. We combine the expertise of registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, a registered dietitian, a specially-trained activity direct, and may other staff members to provide the comprehensive care and support our residents need.

Elder Shadow Program

Elder Shadow Program

When a new staff member is hired by Aviston, they are required to complete the Elder Shadow Program in order to gain a better understanding of what it is like to live in a long term care community.  The staff member will shadow a resident during all shifts (day, evening, midnight) and he/she will “live” like the resident they are assigned to.  This means eating the same foods, attending the same activities, and having the same level of dependency as the resident.  As each staff member completes the program, they walk away with a better understanding of the feelings of the residents, which results directly in a higher level of quality care.  The experience is life changing as our staff understands the importance of spending more quality time with the residents rather than simply focusing on daily tasks, creating a more home-like environment for everyone.

nurses week

Through the Looking Glass

Dr. Richard Carlson, who holds a Ph.D in Psychology and is an accomplished author, has said that nothing builds perspective more than developing compassion for others. And compassion, he said, comes from “the willingness to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to take the focus off yourself and to imagine what it’s like to be in someone else’s predicament.”  The staff at Aviston Countryside Manor did exactly that by living as a long term resident for a number of days, sometimes up to 2 weeks. We invite you to see this program in action through this short clip.

Aviston_Home activity outside ball

We offer daily opportunities to socialize with other residents and staff by playing cards, exercising, eating out, or showing-off your skills at Bingo.  From bowling to lunch outings, our schedule of activities is always engaging and exciting.

In addition, we hold traditional religious services for all faiths and invite families to participate with us. We have a full calendar of daily activities that will keep you busy and allow you to socialize with staff and other residents.  Additional activities are scheduled every evening.


Be sure to check our calendar regularly so you don’t miss out or check out our Facebook page!

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